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Merck Group China

Merck is a leading science and technology global company, active in Healthcare, Life Science and Performance Materials. In the recent years, Merck has been constantly working on breakthrough solutions and technologies in more than 66 countries.

To further develop its innovation, Merck Innovation Centre was set up to bring people, technologies and skills from different areas under one roof. It is the place where innovative ideas and projects are born and grow. These make way for new products and services, and open up exciting opportunities across all their business sectors.

“Today, Asia Pacific, in particular China, is a significant source of growth and investment for Merck, Sales across Merck’s three pillar businesses, namely health care, life science and performance materials, jumped 18 percent to 1.9 billion euros (US$2.15 billion) in China last year and we plan to double that by 2025.”

– Allan Gabor, president of Merck China and managing director of performance materials China.

Industry Innovation Insights

Accelerated Intrapreneurship

Diversification as a Driver

Opportunistic Deal Sourcing

Scoring Innovative Strategies

Reinforce ImPRession

Merck China X TechNode

  • Formed a dedicated team to strategise Merck’s innovation road map in the China landscape.
  • Prescriptively and progressively provided transformational ideas and insights throughout the innovation journey.
  • Utilising our advantages as a bilingual media platform to successfully demonstrate the objectives and strengths of Merck Accelerator.
  • Deal sourcing for over 200 eligible vertical start ups.
  • Built and handled Merck Accelerator platform from scratch which enabled Merck to seamlessly conduct recruitment and act as an information portal for its target audience. Analysed data collected qualitatively and quantitatively for internal evaluation.
  • Curate media plan via TechNode media platform as well as other vertical media exposure.