A Global Supply Chain & New Retail Innovation Lab

Fung Group

Li & Fung Limited founded in 1906 , is a Hong Kong based supply chain manager primarily for US and EU brands, department stores, hypermarkets, specialty stores, catalogue-led companies, and e-commerce sites.

Explorium is part of the Fung Group and it is a value-generating omnichannel ecosystem where businesses, start-ups, incubators, accelerators and venture capitalist collaborate to explore disruptive technologies that are reshaping global supply chain and retail in the digital era.

The space is presently populated by 35 brands that are experimenting with concept stores and products that leverage innovative layouts and retail technologies. The lab gives these brands the opportunity to observe how customers interact with new technologies, products and environments in real time, providing the brands with valuable insights into customer behavior.

Industry Innovation Insights

Accelerated Intrapreneurship

Diversification as a Driver

Opportunistic Deal Sourcing

Scoring Innovative Strategies

Reinforce imPRession

Explorium X TechNode

Appointed as Explorium’s strategic partner since 2017, TechNode has customised and mapped out a series of programmes to enable and catalyse Explorium as an innovation centre.

  • Plan and execute monthly forum: Engage and prepare start-ups for these events and strengthen Explorium’s consistent presence and involvement in the tech community.
  • Strategically connect government, corporate and start-ups in the local innovation landscape. Bridge the gap and communication between all stakeholders and decision makers to effectively actualise Explorium’s innovation direction.
  • Effectively source and continuously provide a stream of meticulously picked start-ups to develop in our accelerator space for Explorium – NodeSpace.